Green Valley BioMass…

is a family owned business which sells a wide variety of products ranging from firewood, sawdust, mulch, landscaping stones, and a new country shop.


  • Bagged Midnite Black Mulch
  • Bagged Autumn Red Mulch
  • All Natural Hemlock Bark Mulch
  • All Natural Double-Ground Bark Mulch
  • Dyed Black & Red Mulch


  • 1B Landscaping Stone
  • 2B Round Landscaping Stone
  • 2B Red Landscaping Stone


  • Pine Sawdust
  • Hardwood Sawdust


  • Hardwood
  • By the Cord/Delivery Available
  • By the Face Cord

Mushroom Compost

  • 40 Lb. Bags

Mushroom Soil

  • Sold by the Yard

Potting Soil

  • 40 Lb. Bags

Wood Carvings

  • Many Items Available

PA Wood Pellets

  • By the Bag
  • By the Ton